Monday, 2 April 2012

A whole day of free writers' workshops - Apr 14th

Who can resist a whole day of FREE writers' workshops? Everyone who responded to my poll wants to go to Lit Fest instead of the Grind on Sat April 14th, so let’s do it. Details of time, place, and web link are at  bottom.  Here’s what info I could get from Douglas College Security at the New West campus for Lit Fest day.  Check the schedule of workshops for the day.

Meeting up
There’s a break from 12:15 to 1:30 so let’s try and meet up then - in the Caf.  We won’t be doing free-writes or anything – just hanging out, having a break. The Security guy said the easiest way to find the Caf is to go to the Security kiosk in the main foyer & ask for directions.  To make life interesting, they have 2 Cafs. I’m talking about the one on the 2nd floor. He says it has greater choice of items.

Getting there
·         SkyTrain - nearest stop is the New West SkyTrain Station – about a 300M walk up one of those Streets of San Francisco New West hills.  As you get off SkyTrain – he said: come own one level and, once off the stairs, keep going straight and then you'll hit the first road. Go left up the hill.  8th St., he thought. He was from Australia, so what does he know - google the map, you’ll see. Or ask someone at the New West stn.

·         Car – some people are carpooling. If you're a Grind Writer you know the email address so at   email before Apr 7 if you need, or if you can offer, a ride. Can't do anything after Apr 7th on this. 

All the info – map, schedule of the day’s workshops etc.