Friday, 13 July 2012

Seasonal Writing Prompt

Doesn't this evoke a few memories? Can you remember the first time you were ever given watermelon?
   Where were you? Who gave it to you, how was it sliced, what the day was like?  Was it room temp or from the fridge?  Were you allowed to let the juice run down your chin and spit the seeds out, or did you have to eat it with a spoon?  Did it even have seeds, or was it one of the new seedless GMO melons? And, then what............?

15 minutes, Go.

Taking your writing to a new level - July 22

On Sunday July 22nd, Joan Boxall will do a mini-shop on how to take a poem or a short reading to a new level. 

Joan, with arches
Joan— Grind Writer, blogger, poet, adventure raconteur and always entertaining person—will walk us through creating a podcast. Joan has posted 2 pods onto YouTube and will share about how that process worked.

Here are some samples of Joan’s podcasts:  Having Being” an identity poem; and “Be Kind to Mother Nature.”

You can read about Joan on her website:

** Note please email before you attend the first time:


The Gremlin Whisperer

Thanks to Wendy Lotosky for doing a session on “Gag Your Gremlins” at Grind Writers on July 7th. It’s all about wrestling your writing gremlins to the ground and getting on with the writing.

Grind Writers showing off their gremlin models
Grind Writer, Emilia wrote about the workshop that it "focused on the thoughts that get in the way of writing (or any other life issues). It took a lighthearted approach to what could be a heavy topic. We first named our gremlin and drew a picture of it or made a model out of clay. Then we described our gremlin, what it looked like, where it lived and then we wrote down examples of what it says to us that gets in the way of writing. We shared these with the group and it was interesting how similar the issues were."

Wendy is a  gremlin tamer and life/work coach who practices in Vancouver.  You can read her blog here, or follow her on Twitter - TrendyWendy

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Grind Writers 2012 meetings schedule

Grind Writers 2012 meetings schedule

Sunday, July 22

Saturday, Aug 11

Sunday, Aug 26

Saturday, Sept 8

Sunday, Sept 23

Saturday, Oct 13

Sunday, Oct 28

Saturday, Nov 17

Sunday, Dec 2 - (last one for 2012)



Sunday, 1 July 2012

CONTEST: LITERARY WRITES Deadline July 31, 2012

"GAG YOUR GREMLINS" - Sat July 7 Grind Writers

Sat. July 7, 2012
Gag Your Gremlins
A lighthearted, fun & effective mini-shop with Wendy Lotosky who is a life/work coach by day. Wendy’s going to help Grind Writers address Fear in writing (some of you may have met Fear in its other guise, Procrastination) – and how fear affects your ability to get those words down on that big blank page.
Gremlins are the keepers if our 'shoulds.' You know you’re in Gremlin territory when you are dealing with your fears, shoulds, rules, regrets, masks, self-doubts.  You’ll identify your Gremlin, give her/him a name (Annoying Andy... Restless Rita....).  Then you’ll identify its character traits, snippy remarks, and annoying behaviours – and you’ll take home a sketch of what they might look like.  

(Wendy even has finger puppets and drawings to get writers going.) And next time your Gremlin or the committee shows up - you can send them for a drink....and get back to your writing.

If you haven't attended Grind Writers before, please email before you attend the first time: 
Still looking for people to facilitate on these dates.
Mainly a matter of getting there a bit early and saving
the table – and sharing an exercise or two you’ve
learned at a workshop or writing course.
Saturday, Aug 11
Sunday, Aug 26
Or on any of these dates as well:
Saturday, Sept 8
Sunday, Sept 23
Saturday, Oct 13
Sunday, Oct  28
Saturday, Nov  17
Sunday, Dec 2