Saturday, 7 December 2013

Prompts for the last meeting of 2013

Here they are.  15 mins. no stopping, no editing--just write.
Xmas present ever
Worst. Christmas. Ever
The Christmas I learned not to buy gifts on credit
3 bad gifts I got and why they were bad
Food at Christmas
Workplace/staff Christmas parties
Worst gives you’ve received and worst gifts you’ve given and why
Christmas music
Christmas on another planet
Most memorable Christmas
Christmas when I was a kid
Bah humbug!
An ideal Christmas—if you had your way
I don’t celebrate Christmas. I’m ____ and we have __________.
Complaints about Xmas
Cudos about Christmas
Anything about Christmas
What our family does at Christmas(/Hannukah/Ramadan/Solstice,)
When Christmas is Strange
Christmas(es) you spent in other lands
My favourite Christmas
Christmas on Trial
Or any sugarplum prompts that pop into your head.

(c)2013 Margo Lamont

Sunday, 17 November 2013


The December-January axis is full of important cultural and family events:
  • Hannukah [Nov 28-Dec 5]
  •  The Winter Solstice [Dec 21]
  • Christmas [Dec 25]
  • The Ascension of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, Bahá'í faith [Nov 28]
  • Kwanzaa [Dec 26-Jan 1]
  • Orthodox Christmas (Jan 7) and 
  • Mawlid-al-Nabi (Jan 14)

Please use the Comments section to suggest writing prompts for whatever celebration you choose.
The more the merrier. I’ll put them all on one sheet for the Nov 30th meeting and we can either write for sharing on Dec 15th meeting, or if we decide to forego the Dec 15th meeting, we can write over the holidays and share at the first meeting in 2014.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The 5 Shades of Grey issue - GRIND WRITERS NEWS Nov 2013

The November issue of Grind Writers News is posted on Issuu.
News about literary events in the Vancouver area; info on contests and calls for submissions and the goings-on of The Grind Writers Group.

--RUMBLE ON MAIN STREET: The Grind Writers and the Main Street Gang meet up.  Pix on pages 3, 8, 12.
--Fed. BC Writers 2nd Annual Writers’ Retreat & Workshop Smorgasbord.
--Truth Be Told Conference.
--THE QUERY SHARK: Get you know her. You’ll be glad you did. Sample gorings starting on pg 5.
--Here’s Why You Do Really Need to Care About  Typos, Transpos, & Spelling Errors in MSs You Submit.
--Things to do/people to see/ places…
--1st Annual Lynn Manuel Children’s Fiction Contest.
--Submit. (you know you want to).
--Grind Writers’ Group - meeting schedule
--RAINDANCE - a new self-pubbed authors’ fair in Richmond
--Free-write picture prompt: C’mon, just do it!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Grind Writers News - October 2013 issue

It's up at


The BC Writers Autonomous Fan Region / BCBW now on Issuu
Serial getaways to Salt Spring
Correcting everybody’s grammar & punctuation does not  make you an “arsey pedant”
Twerk: our evolving language
RAINDANCE  - a new self-pubbed authors’ fair in Richmond
Things to do/people to see/places…
Twisted Poets
Beyond the Basics: Advanced Copy Editing – EAC workshop
Submit. (you know you want to)
Grind Writers’ Group - meeting schedule
Free-write picture prompt: C’mon, just do it!