Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The 5 Shades of Grey issue - GRIND WRITERS NEWS Nov 2013

The November issue of Grind Writers News is posted on Issuu.
News about literary events in the Vancouver area; info on contests and calls for submissions and the goings-on of The Grind Writers Group.

--RUMBLE ON MAIN STREET: The Grind Writers and the Main Street Gang meet up.  Pix on pages 3, 8, 12.
--Fed. BC Writers 2nd Annual Writers’ Retreat & Workshop Smorgasbord.
--Truth Be Told Conference.
--THE QUERY SHARK: Get you know her. You’ll be glad you did. Sample gorings starting on pg 5.
--Here’s Why You Do Really Need to Care About  Typos, Transpos, & Spelling Errors in MSs You Submit.
--Things to do/people to see/ places…
--1st Annual Lynn Manuel Children’s Fiction Contest.
--Submit. (you know you want to).
--Grind Writers’ Group - meeting schedule
--RAINDANCE - a new self-pubbed authors’ fair in Richmond
--Free-write picture prompt: C’mon, just do it!

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