Tuesday, 15 October 2013

FOR MY EX – Anonymous 1

Anonymous took the Grind Café Writers’ Group “Free-write Challenge” at this year’s Summer Dreams Literary Arts Festival at Trout Lake, Vancouver. The brave drew random prompts then took a break from the fest to go sit under a tree, and let it rip for 10 minutes without stopping in a free-write—and see what emerged. Braver yet, they agreed to let us post their raw version. So remember, this is unedited, unfinished output. Thanks to all participants.

Prompt:  Write a Match.com, Plenty of Fish, or e-Harmony-type descriptive ad for each of your children (or for your siblings, or your ex, or your best friends). Write the ad that would highlight their best qualities and which would attract the most perfect partner ever. Your ad should describe the qualities of their perfect partner as well.
For My Ex:  A wonderful man looking for a woman to complement him and challenge him. My ex is that most complicated of characters—a man who thinks, feels, knows what is real, and pulls no punches when it comes to protecting what he values, be it  his dog, his home, his sense of self, or his integrity. He’sa sensitive man, to both what you do and think & say.
He is looking for a partner who will accept him for who he is, a lady friend he can bring home to his parents (whom he deeply respects), a mirror who will challenge him to keep learning and inspire him to be a better person. He needs a lady who straddles both the artistic and the rational side of life, because he is that kind of person as well.
He will be a demanding partner, but he will also be a very caring one, and he will challenge you to be a better person with him.

©2013 Anonymous 1

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