Tuesday, 15 October 2013

BEING ME IN THE SIXTIES – by Warren Dean Fulton

Warren Dean took the Grind Café Writers’ Group “Free-write Challenge” at this year’s Summer Dreams Literary Arts Festival at Trout Lake, Vancouver. The brave drew random prompts then took a break from the fest to go sit under a tree, and let it rip for 10 minutes without stopping in a free-write—and see what emerged. Braver yet, they agreed to let us post their raw version. So remember, this is unedited, unfinished output. Thanks to all participants.
Prompt:  If you could choose a different time period to live in, when would it be? And why then?
I’ve long been obsessed with the 1960s: the freedom, the changes in culture and society, the challenges on a global scale to the status quo, those with control. I would have loved to have been around in 1961 at the University of British Columbia, when the TISH group of poets were first raising eyebrows. 
I would have enjoyed hitch-hiking down to San Francisco and further down to Mexico and into South America. Being an active member of the Beat Generation, making ripples in the poetic pool of the world through publishing, readings, happenings. 
During that decade I would have been one of those to not just follow, but help lead. I would share love, peace, passion, the light and dark of the universe, expanding knowledge of all things. I write, write, write, live, live, live, be like Kerouac, Ginsberg, bill bissett, D.A. Levy, etc.  Peace.

©2013 Warren Dean Fulton

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