Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Carlo took the Grind Café Writers’ Group “Free-write Challenge” at this year’s Summer Dreams Literary Arts Festival at Trout Lake, Vancouver. The brave drew random prompts then took a break from the fest to go sit under a tree, and let it rip for 10 minutes without stopping in a free-write—and see what emerged. Braver yet, they agreed to let us post their raw version. So remember, this is unedited, unfinished output. Thanks to all participants.
Prompt – Wild card. Write about anything.
What’s on my mind is that I’m glad that people are still interested in writing. Too many conversations nowadays are based on quick bursts of trivial speech that says little about the meaning of life and the universe or the polyverse and so on and so on. 
We have wonderful devices and technologies, like cellular phones, voice mail, call display, etc., but we should take the opportunity, when we can, to delve deeper in the marrow of existence. 
I try to combine small talk with philosophical musings about the deeper questions that arise in our consciousness and are regularly ignored or suppressed to make room for the trivial. There’s enough time to discuss both. It’s not a competition. It’s possible to enhance small talk with ideas and theories about why we’re here. 
Let’s use these 21st century tools to enable and inspire us and dig deeper into the terrain of answers . . . answers to the question, “Why?” – why, why, why?
Why, why, why? Why, why, why?-again and again and again.
The searching yields more fruit than you’d think. Let’s rise above the world of sense perception and articulate, or notice, a vision—one that inspires and elucidates. This can be the culmination of milennia of human achievement. Let’s prevent ourselves from falling in love with gadgets and focus more on the essence of things.
Writing can help pave the way.

©2013 Carlo L.E. Musso

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