Tuesday, 15 October 2013

MOTHER LOVER – by Tashanna Ducharme

Tashanna took the Grind Café Writers’ Group “Free-write Challenge” at this year’s Summer Dreams Literary Arts Festival at Trout Lake, Vancouver. The brave drew random prompts then took a break from the fest to go sit under a tree, and let it rip for 10 minutes without stopping in a free-write—and see what emerged. Braver yet, they agreed to let us post their raw version. So remember, this is unedited, unfinished output. Thanks to all participants.
Prompt:  Write a Match.com, Plenty of Fish, or e-Harmony-type descriptive ad for each of your children (or for your siblings, or your ex, or your best friends). Write the ad that would highlight their best qualities and which would attract the most perfect partner ever. Your ad should describe the qualities of their perfect partner as well.
(An anonymous dear friend P.O.V.):  Beautiful Métis 30s female, slender, mother of a 6-year-old girl, seeks male for a relationship that’s traditional with great libido. Sugar Mamma? No. Sugar Dad? Maybe. I’ll cook dinner beautifully every day and send you to work with a lunchbox, if you don’t’ work away in a camp (which is a beneficial item—no getting sick of each other).
More babies? Heck, yes! I always wanted to be a housewife. That’s demonized now. I am no gold digger; I just like being a homemaker. I used to be a stripper and am no Christian I enjoy a drink and some rough sex. I like my men manly, with nice bodies—like mine. And nice wheels.  I keep myself looking good. I am irreverent, no topic taboo for teasing; the occasional cigarette hasn’t yellowed my teeth. Music taste: bold eclectic—I love every type. Not a redneck. Piercings and tattoos? Yes. One of my specialties is Spanish Chicken, baked stuffed with lemons in a cast of salt. I love to cook and love to fatten up my man.Make me feel like a woman?— I’ll pamper you!

©2013 Tashanna Ducharme

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