Saturday, 7 December 2013

Prompts for the last meeting of 2013

Here they are.  15 mins. no stopping, no editing--just write.
Xmas present ever
Worst. Christmas. Ever
The Christmas I learned not to buy gifts on credit
3 bad gifts I got and why they were bad
Food at Christmas
Workplace/staff Christmas parties
Worst gives you’ve received and worst gifts you’ve given and why
Christmas music
Christmas on another planet
Most memorable Christmas
Christmas when I was a kid
Bah humbug!
An ideal Christmas—if you had your way
I don’t celebrate Christmas. I’m ____ and we have __________.
Complaints about Xmas
Cudos about Christmas
Anything about Christmas
What our family does at Christmas(/Hannukah/Ramadan/Solstice,)
When Christmas is Strange
Christmas(es) you spent in other lands
My favourite Christmas
Christmas on Trial
Or any sugarplum prompts that pop into your head.

(c)2013 Margo Lamont