Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Mankajee took the Grind Café Writers’ Group “Free-write Challenge” at this year’s Summer Dreams Literary Arts Festival at Trout Lake, Vancouver. The brave drew random prompts then took a break from the fest to go sit under a tree, and let it rip for 10 minutes without stopping in a free-write—and see what emerged. Braver yet, they agreed to let us post their raw version. So remember, this is unedited, unfinished output. Thanks to all participants.

Prompt:  If I could be anyone in history, I would be ………… (and why).
If I could be anyone in history,
I would be a “peace champion.”

Peace is a simple and single word
under which is a whole world.

World needs ‘peace’
No more war, please.

War generates hatred and destruction
‘peace’ generates love, harmony and construction
So world needs more and more peace champions
And down with the war mongers and war champions.

This earth will be a heaven if ‘peace’
But will turn into a hell if peace is pieced
So I would like to be a peace champion
And motivate others to be also a peace champion.

©2013 Mankajee

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