Friday, 13 July 2012

The Gremlin Whisperer

Thanks to Wendy Lotosky for doing a session on “Gag Your Gremlins” at Grind Writers on July 7th. It’s all about wrestling your writing gremlins to the ground and getting on with the writing.

Grind Writers showing off their gremlin models
Grind Writer, Emilia wrote about the workshop that it "focused on the thoughts that get in the way of writing (or any other life issues). It took a lighthearted approach to what could be a heavy topic. We first named our gremlin and drew a picture of it or made a model out of clay. Then we described our gremlin, what it looked like, where it lived and then we wrote down examples of what it says to us that gets in the way of writing. We shared these with the group and it was interesting how similar the issues were."

Wendy is a  gremlin tamer and life/work coach who practices in Vancouver.  You can read her blog here, or follow her on Twitter - TrendyWendy

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