Friday, 18 December 2009

The Winter of My Discontent - (c)2009 Jordan Devine

Jordan took the freewrite challenge at the Summer Dream Festival in August 2009.
Prompt was: Bring two historical characters together and writ the dialogue for their meeting over lunch or dinner.

The Winter of My Discontent

Scene: A trendy restaurant called Winter. King Richard III sits alone at a table for two, looking nervous. Two full wine glasses sit upon the table. Enter Joan of Arc, trailing her sword behind her.

Richard: Joan?
Joan: Who else? the maitre d' informed me you have reserved the entire
Richard: Yes, yes. These are trying times for England and its king.
Safety first.
Joan Strange, I’ve lived through similar times myself.
Richard: Small world.
Joan: I am Gods messenger.
Richard: (aside) Oh, Christ!
Joan: Majesty, did you say something? And why the grin?
Richard: Oh, I can smile and murmer when I smile…
Joan: And you, Majesty, do you perform Gods Work?
Richard: My life is lived with the Divine Right of Kings. My every
action is Gods Work.
Joan: Humour me, Majesty, recite the Lord’s Prayer.
Richard: Well, now, youre putting me on the spot.
Joan: (aside) Oh Christ! (Joan stands). I knew a blind date
was a mistake.
Richard: No, no, don’t leave. At least try the Malmsey.
Joan: Not likely, Majesty.
Richard: Now is the winter of my discontent.


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