Saturday, 25 June 2011

The less you wear...

A scene that came from a free-write 15 min. writing prompt at the Grind Writers Group – writing to a painting in an exhibit at the gallery. The paintings are on display until the end of June.

-I have a secret, Gloria whispered.
-We don’t have secrets…well, not since grade two…
-I’ve something to tell you, Sandra…it’s important.
-OK, slow down, breathe…you’re not… (checking out tummy area)
-No, it’s not that…I’ve…
-Gloria, you’re not seeing him again??
-No!  Just listen.
-Ok, ok, shoot…
-I’ve got a new job…
-Well, that’s fantastic!  What’s the big deal?
-It’s how I’m earning…
-Oh God, no…Look, if staying at my place helps…
-Why do you always think the worst?!  Not that!
-What then?
-I’m modeling.
-Models make great money. What?--designer clothes, lingerie…?
-Less what, money?  Models make great money…you know 
  the rule of less?
-What’s that?
-The less you wear, the more you make.
-Not in this case.
-Why not?
-I wear nothing…except maybe some drapery--a scarf, a discretely
  placed cushion or bolster…
-How does that work?
-Well, I show up…
-At the figurative art studio.
-Then what happens…who’s there…do they watch?…is it seedy?
-Stop!! (laughing)
-Do they play burlesque music?
-Sandy! (exasperated) No!! I go to the bathroom.
-To throw up?  Nerves?
-No, to change…
-Then I wear my robe between poses.
-How long’s the session?
-Well, at first they’re short one, two, five and ten-minute poses.
-Do you move around?  Show me one of your poses.
-Ta da! (posing)
-Doesn’t your ‘hoohoo’ show?
-Look, it’s not an issue…
-Since when isn’t your ‘hoohoo’ an issue?
-They’re sitting all around me. I’m on a small, raised platform with locked wheels.
-Do you get to look at their work?
-At the twenty-minute break, I sometimes circulate…it’s…wonderful.
-Absolutely…one guy even gave me his half hour sketch.
-That’s a long time to hold a pose…
-You choose that one carefully…
-Show me…(demonstrating) hmmm, I don’t think I could hold that for thirty minutes.
-Never know ’til you try, Sandy, never know til you try.  Check out the model 
  requirements on   their website!  It’s not easy money, but it’s fun!
-Not on your life!  (dissolving to laughter)

(c)2011 Joan Boxall

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