Sunday, 4 December 2011

Why We’d Rather Schmooze Than Write - Margo Lamont

This was actually a prompt from another group, The Closet Writers. We noticed that with the slightest provocation we would spend our entire meeting yakking and schmoozing, and decided to free-write as to why.

Why We’d Rather Schmooze Than Write

            We’d rather schmooze than write because writing is a lonely occupation. No, not lonely—who is ever lonely when the ink is flowing and the thoughts are piling out?
             No, not lonely: solitary.  It’s you + something inanimate: the pen & paper, the computer. It’s your brain and your thoughts – as convoluted or creative as they may be – and the paper, that daunting blank ahead of you. And we all read, explore, attend lectures, meet curious people—and we want to share it. The schmoozing is about sharing and support; it’s about looking up from that page and being part of something bigger than you & it.
It’s about community.

Margo Lamont
September 7, 2010

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