Friday, 10 February 2012

I am grateful for.....the Closet Writers (R. Jefferson)

What are you grateful for and why?

Prompt given at the Closet Writers group, November 23, 2011

            I am grateful to be here as it has been eons since the last time. And I feel good here—despite not always writing nor “being a writer.” It’s a small, practical oasis and totally different from what I do other places, whether working, playing with friends and family or exercising my stiff back.
            I am grateful that the group seems to be open to pretty much anything—from level of involvement to level of ability. How wonderful that personalities like this exist and exist with the kind of talent to give ideas, support, guidance, motivation, and encouragement.
            I am grateful that I was exposed to the group’s nature, that a member was present enough to make a connection between my expressions and providing information.
            I am grateful that I can immerse myself in a different brain corner for a while—one that is not focusing on pain, the past, the future, the problems and possibilities.
            Just write.
            Keep going.
            It doesn’t matter.
            The outcome is not the point.
            Finally, an outcome-free zone. No standards to meet, process to complete, etc. etc. Although I guess I didn’t read the whole journal yet: maybe there is a procedures section. Maybe there are certain thoughts and beliefs I’m supposed to have and fulfill by the end of the writing. Maybe that’s my problem of not getting more writing done.

©2011  R. Jefferson

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The Tame Lion said...

Awesome! Inspirational!