Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas writing prompts

We're going to write about that all-pervasive December event -- Christmas --  at our last meeting of the year.  Here are some Christmas writing prompts we brainstormed last year. And this year we've added the ones bolded at the top:

Xmas writing prompts

  • The dark side of Christmas
  • The joy of coal
  • Solstice
  • How I learned about chimneys
  • The lies of Christmas
  • The mechanics of Santa
  • "I still believe in Santa because it's the feeling"
  • Being a Santa - Santa moments
  • Best Xmas present ever
  • Worst. Christmas. Ever.
  • Worst Xmas present ever.
  • The Christmas I learned not to buy gifts on credit
  • 3 bad gifts I got and why they were bad
  • Food at Christmas
  • Re-gifting
  • Workplace/staff Christmas parties
  • Worst gives you’ve received and worst gifts you’ve given and why
  • Christmas music
  • Christmas on another planet
  • Most memorable Christmas
  • Christmas when I was a kid
  • Bah humbug!
  • An ideal Christmas—if you had your way
  • I don’t celebrate Christmas. I’m ____ and we have __________.
  • Complaints about Xmas
  • Cudos about Christmas
  • Anything about Christmas
  • What our family does at Christmas(/Hannukah/Ramadan/Solstice)
  • When Christmas is strange
  • Christmas(es) you spent in other lands
  • My favourite Christmas
  • Christmas on trial
  • Or any sugarplum prompts that pop into your head.

15 minutes by a timer

Just keep writing, no editing (that's for later)
Write whatever pops into your head, no matter what
Keep pen on paper and just keep going for the 15 mins.
Remember it's just a draft, it's for fun - just to see where it goes.Don't try and write final copy in a draft. Just write already!

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