Monday, 27 June 2016


The Prompts – created at the Grind Writers – in no particular order

June 2016

We created these for a group round robin writing exercise. 

Prompts could be a single word, phrases, whole sentences, anything.
  • Describe a memory with a tree.
  • The sky was covered by clouds the colour of an over-boiled egg, a pale gray tinged with purple edges.
  • Sincerity & Senselessness vs. Common Sense.
  • Traffic jam.
  • The last time I took a trip I learned……
  • Leather skin.
  • When X died, I thought he would ever come back…

  • Glithy.

  • Pathway.
  • You are stuck on an island with 99 other people. The island is ruled by a dictator who hs banned all mirrors and all communications between people.
  • Fencepost.
  • A life ambition never realized.

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