Saturday, 30 April 2011

AMBER STONES by Lilija Valis

Amber has been washing up
on Baltic beaches a long time:
pine-resin preserved life,
Ice-Aged for posterity
a leaf, an insect

connecting us to a past
millions of years back,
turning it into gold
Gintaras is what they call it,
(the Greeks named it “electron”)
made into jewelry, it has been
traded since 7000 B.C.

associated with the Sun God,
the Awakener, symbol
of happiness and healing,
purifying and protecting,
it permeates the body with light

the Baltic coast dwellers,
people of the sacred stone,
older than history,
dedicated themselves
to guarding the Sacred Fire,

through centuries of invasions,
deportations and forced conversions
by the stronger and more numerous,
they kept the Sacred Fire burning,
as did the Persian Zoroastrians,

something ancient
and essential to life,
hiding and shielding it
from the changing winds,

taking it with them
to the corners of this earth.

© 2011 Lilija Valis


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