Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Vachon to Seattle Grey by Pamela Swanson

vashon to seattle grey
stone and tarmac muttering –
a shopping day of here to there
garlic oranges apples peas –

a windless rain of back forth  -
ferry hopping groceries –
the streets are washed to half a pace
carrots lettuce yogurt tea

from paper shops to cutting boards –
the giant man still hammering
a steady background silhouette
for lemon juice and anise seeds

the banks are closed against the fog
on this monday eastering
through memories of here and not –
avocados broccoli –

my mother born a sigh away
inside the Swedish hospital
more than eighty years before
bananas ice cream cinnamon –

i feel an echo of her now
in videos that cross my eyes
reweaving ancient yesterdays
vanilla coffee envelopes –

and as i pause a waiting breath
between the stops of here and there
i almost see her smiling
seattle rains and postage stamps.

(c)2011 Pamela Swanson
E:    pam@poetpam.com
W:  http://www.poetpam.com/

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