Saturday, 21 January 2012

Free-writes - how to

  1. Set aside 10 to 15 minutes per prompt.
  2. Select a prompt to write to. Do not spend too much time on this. It can be as easy as opening a book at a page, jabbing some line with your finger - then writing to that. Many writing-prompt sites online. Or get a book of prompts. Or randomly choose a photo in a magazine, or a newspaper headline.
  3. Once you have a randomly chosen prompt, write to it. 
  4. Write straight for 10 to 15 mins., no stopping. Pen does not leave the paper or hands do not leave hte keyboard. Just keep on pressing forward, writing whatever comes out. Whatever! Because this is just a draft, you might even write about what you want to write about around that prompt. Doesn't matter - just keep writing.
  5. DO NOT EDIT as you write. Generating the words and editing them are 2 entirely different processes. They need to be kept separate. Repeat: write, do not edit.
  6. Even if you hate your prompt, or do not feel like writing -- keep writing. Write about how much you hate the prompt or why you don't feel like writing.  Don't worry about language or grammar. Just write.
  7. Don't have any expectations for this piece of writing to "be" anything.
Now you have something. A whole lot of drivel. A draft. Some ideas. A scene. Maybe a scrap of dialogue you'll use later.

Do a free write at least every day.  You'll be surprised what happens.

And read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron about writing your Morning Pages and you can refine this.


Margo Lamont


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