Saturday, 21 January 2012

Today's free-write prompt at Grind Writers - Jan 21, 2012

If you need more information on doing free-writes before you start - see "Free-writes, how-to" post of Jan 21, 2012.

Our prompts today come from EMOTIONAL CURRENCY (Kate Levinson, PhD. Berkley: Celestial Arts; 2011). The subtitle on this is "A Woman's Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money" -- but most everything in this book applies pretty equally to men as well.

Prompt questions to write to around you + the cash:
  1. What 3 things has the culture you grew up in taught you or conditioned you to believe about money?
  2. Are you comfortable with your level of spending? (If not, how would you like it to be?)
  3. What kinds of things are you seduced to buy?
  4. What messages did you receive about being a man/woman in relation to money--making it, spending it, saving it, sharing it and giving it away, investing it?
  5. Were money matters discussed in your family? In what manner were they discussed Did your parents retreat to discuss money in private, or did such discussions take place openly.
  6. What relationships do you have that involve money?  And..?
Ok. Now, as Natalie Goldberg loves to say:  "Go: 10 minutes!"

Margo Lamont



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