Saturday, 21 June 2014

GRIND WRITERS NEWS mag - June 2014

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--Submit. (you know you want to)
--Climate change – short story contest: they want Vancouver stories!
--CONTEST – Renaming a genre: let’s take the “non” out of nonfiction—and then fiction too.
--Female authors dominating Smashwords’ bestseller lists. But is there a dark side?
--Why would you want to submit to contests anyway?
--Royal  writing retreat
--The perils of laptop note-taking
--101 writerly uses for EverNote
--A contest only for women
--Are trad publishers avoiding the R-word? Martin Crosbie thinks they are.
--BC Writers Autonomous Fan Region
--Access Copyright: yes you  do need to know
--TWS Reading Series schedule
--Wordplay & Twisted Poets: places to go, things to do, people to see
--The Surrey Contest
--Make your life easier
--Grind Writers – where we meet & when
--We’ve looked at publishing from all sides now

--Last page: the free-write photo prompt: just write!

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