Saturday, 12 July 2014


--Platform-platform-platform: but do you really know what it is (and isn’t)?
--7 letters to write before you turn 70
--Avoid these clichés like the plague
--Careful to whom you liken your characters:  Scarlett Johansson wins damages in book character lawsuit
--Are you missing out on something important when you type?
--Yes, okay, you do need to know this
--How to support your published colleagues
-- BC Writers Autonomous Fan Region
--Places to go, things to do, people to see
--How often do you get to write poetry with bill bissett!
--Congratulations Renee.
--A chance to hear Susan Musgrave reading—live in Vancouver
--Wordplay – in the Royal City
--Submit. (you know you want to) Contests and calls for submissions
--How to upload your ebook, step by step
--Grind Writers – where we meet, when & why 
--First sentences of 100 classics
--The free-write photo prompt:  just try it!

If you’d prefer to view it online in the flip-the-page magazine format, it’s here: 

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