Monday, 15 January 2018

What question would you ask a psychic?

10 Min. Free-write Prompt:  What question would you ask a psychic about the future?

Do they remove Mr. Trump before his term is done? And is Mr. Pence even worse?

I’d also like to know about that “void” area archaeologists have just found in the Great Pyramid at Giza – a void the archaeology establishment seems to be going to great lengths to stress is not a “chamber.” Oh, why stop there: I could ask the psychic a lot about that because a good psychic should be able to go back and forth—way back and forth—in time. So I’d ask who built the Great Pyramid and how’d they get all those blocks…….
My issue around psychics is this: if I ask about a prediction of some future event and they say “X will happen” to me—that says something I may not be too happy with about Fate or Destiny. I don’t like the idea that our fate is absolutely fixed.

If the psychic tells me X is going to happen, then that means fate is fixed. Doesn't matter what I say or do. Doesn't matter what decision I make. Like the way Sleeping Beauty gets the puncture by spinning wheel thingie no matter that her father banned all spinning wheels from the kingdom for her entire life previously.  
I like to think there may be a kind of karmic template, but that we can add our own embellishments, that we perhaps can temper things a little by our actions. 

The concept of karma seems to say that. In a way. But then, if you experience karmic events as they say we do—then those may be fixed. Or… are they? It gets very complicated very fast. Are you predestined to have Experience Y to work on some past karmic issue, well then what’s the point of things like Buddhist “right action” if it’s already set in stone? How can you change anything by your actions; or is that only for the next life? Does the Christian concept of free will factor in?  
Another problem with consulting psychics and oracles was related by the ancient Father of History (or "Father of Lies"--take your pick) Herodotus centuries ago about that  time when King Croesus consulted the oracle at Delphi before an important upcoming battle against the Persians. 
Delphic oracle

“One ruler who consulted the oracle was Croesus, whose kingdom, Lydia, was located in an area that is now part of the nation of Turkey. 

Croesus was worried that his rival, Cyrus of Persia, was a threat to  him, and he sent messengers to Delphi to ask the oracle for guidance.

The oracle said that crossing the river Halys and battling Cyrus would  cause a great empire to be destroyed. Croesus wrongly assumed that the "great empire" which would fall would be that of his enemy.”

(from this forum

As the writer points out, contacting the psychic realms can be rather unreliable: ”The word "delphic," meaning "ambiguous or obscure," is a reference to the often enigmatic prophecies of the Delphic Oracle.”

No, it’s too too complicated. I’ll just ask the psychic about the 649 lotto. I'm only out three bucks if it’s wrong.
Margo Lamont

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