Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Harder than I thought to grow up - Maximilliano Gonzalez San Juan

Harder than I thought to grow up
by Maximilliano Gonzalez San Juan

I’m travelling around the world
Looking for myself.
So far I’ve found friends and smiles
But no luck with giving peace to my heart.
I’m scared, at 28 years old,
Having so much energy to
Waste away and no plan for it. It’s
Harder than I thought to grow up
Even though it’s a one-way street.

My heart is filled with anger
But I have no clue where it’s from.
Contaminated with TV and Internet
I hope that my generation
Will find a cure for our disease.

My solution so far
Is to try my best and hopefully
G*d will take care of the rest.

Respectfully submitted…

1 comment:

Marc said...

I really like this, perhaps because I've been there myself.

Keep on searching, you'll find what you need eventually.