Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The Price Of Gas

Alright, as promised, a random poem just for here:

The Price Of Gas

"Have you seen the price of gas?"
Asked the lass, the pretty lass.
"'Tis enough to tear your hair!"
Said the bear, the grizzly bear.

"I no longer drive me truck!"
Cried the buck, the whitetail buck.
"It costs an arm and a leg!"
Complained the chick, in her egg.

"They've gone completely insane!"
Called the crane, wincing in pain.
"I do believe we've been had,"
Said the lad, looking quite sad.

"Don't you just love my new tan?"
Asked the oil company man.
"I must say you're looking fit!"
Crooned the gas lobbyist twit.

"How much more must we endure?"
Demanded the working poor.
"Why, it just went down a cent!"
Laughed the fat cat government.

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