Wednesday, 30 July 2008

You're wrong about Wynn - W. Ruth Kozak

You're wrong about Wynn
©2008 W.Ruth Kozak (aka Wynn Berton)

They’ve got the facts wrong about Wynn. Here’s what she’s really like: she’s actually quite shy though the way she carries on when she’s with her friends out salsa dancing you’d get the idea she’s a real party girl. Actually, she does have that reputation and some people (the ones who know how old she really is) are amazed! Yes, she does give the impression she’s a bit like the Energizer® Bunny, but she’s actually a quiet person, spends a lot of time alone, and loves quiet moments of solitude. She puts on this really brave front about doing things like going off camping alone in foreign places but she’d never risk camping alone here in her own province.

Some of her friends raise eyebrows and worry about her seeming nonchalance about roaming around town on foot and by public transit at night. They’d never take the chance. What they don’t realize is, Wynn’s been wandering about the city on her own for most of her life and as “shy” as she is in some situations, she’s pretty street-smart. Wynn’s a world traveller, a gypsy soul. If you didn’t know her well you’d probably think that she’s somebody’s mom or grandma (and she is).

Nor would you imagine that she spends half her time in “other worlds,” most specifically the world of ancient Greece—her favourite place to be. Because Wynn’s a writer and that’s what writers love to do most of the time, when they’re not out salsa dancing or enjoying sunsets on the beach, lost in their wonderful thoughts and memories.

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