Monday, 6 April 2015

Caroline's G-words

The prompt was to generate words from an assigned letter of the alphabet for 2-1/2 minutes. Caroline got the letter "G." This is her list:

George Girth Ground 
Gentleman Ginger Gentry 
Germaine Google Giant 
Gasket Gerard  Grim 
Gymnasium Grime Gynormous 
Ghoul Green  Golly 
Gregor Gleam Gambling 
Glimmer Gillian Gem 
Geometric Gory Grant 
Ghastly Gruel Gargoyle 
Grain Gill Grill 
Go Gain Going 
Gone Gum Gamey 
Gummybear Game Gun 
Ghost Gas Gorge

Then, three more parts, using the G-words:
1)  Use one of your G words in an opening sentence for a short story, novel, (1 minute)

2)  Use another G word(s) to describe a setting for a piece (could be the piece that #1 is the opening for, or a distinct setting) and write as much as you can for 2 minutes.

3) Using G-words from your list, free-write for 10 minutes.

See what happens, what emerges from your pen or onto your screen
Don't think it.
Don't take your pen off the paper or stop typing for the  10 minutes.
Forward only. Edit later.

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