Thursday, 26 March 2015

Malcolm's Twenty

Another response to the Lois Peterson prompt "Write a list of 20 things you know a lot about" from her book *101 and More Writing Exercises."

1.      Pain
2.      Self-pity
3.      Humour
4.      Laughter of that stinging, accusatory kind
5.      Humiliation
6.      I said “pain” already
7.      Peace
8.      Inner-peace
9.      Alcoholism
10.  Eating disorders
11.  How to make people unhappy and sad
12.  How to make people leave
13.  How to make myself so miserable no one wants to be my friend
14.  How to make people laugh
15.  How to make myself laugh
16.  How to hide how I really feel
17.  Well, not always because I blush a lot
18.  Words
19.  Fabrications
20.  Love, and it's not what you think

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