Monday, 23 March 2015

Patricia's Twenty

More output from the Lois Peterson prompt (from Use 101 and more Writing Exercises)

Here is my list. I have of course budgeted and made some decisions about numbers.

20.    How to read academic textbooks.
19.   How to spend a lot of time by myself: walking, reading, writing
13.   How to watch many foreign movies in one day. Hint pick documentaries if you don't want to be totally spun out.
18.   The complexity of human behaviour, especially paradoxes
17.   How to discipline myself in somethings like writing and not others like exercising
16.   How to travel by taking risks and making arrangements.
15.   How to observe people in foreign countries without knowing the language.
14.   How to learn dance steps, but it is oh so hard.
12.   How to live within my budget and where to find free things to do.   
11.   I know a lot about espresso machines, popcorn, and single parenting.
10.   I know a lot about things that interest me, like Haida Gwaii, death, and David Foster Wallace
9.    All my body cells know about the cold in the South End of Winnipeg in the 60s.  

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