Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mary's Twenty Things

At Grind Writers today we wrote to a prompt which came from Lois Peterson's 101 & More Writing Exercises

Exercise #18, pg. 11. Prompt: Make a list of 20 things that you know a lot about.

  1. Identifying West Coast weeds (as opposed to vegetables or flowers)
  2. The smell of the Pacific Ocean
  3. Mixed media techniques
  4. Myers Briggs personality type
  5. How to visit someone in hospital
  6. Planning workshops, leading meetings
  7. Labyrinths
  8. Cooking soup from whatever you have around
  9. bglttti2sqq issues
  10. Being friendly
  11. Unitarian churches
  12. Kitsilano
  13. The smell of a boy-child's scalp after sweating
  14. How to set up a Google group
  15. Pagan rituals
  16. Ecological despair
  17. Housing co-ops—plus, minus, and interesting
  18. Great arts and culture opportunities in Vancouver for free or cheap
  19. Traffic circle gardens
  20. Being mary/merry

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