Monday, 23 March 2015

Jane's Twenty

This is Jane writing to the Lois Peterson prompt, "List 20 things you know a lot about."

I am four time zones and god only knows how many miles away from my list [the one she did at The Grind Writers], so I am going to make another one. Probably very similar. 

What fun it was to think that through. It is so easy to NOT make an inventory of what I know a lot about...
  1. Travelling - but still a lot more to learn...
  2. The people I love.
  3. How to fake it in Spanish (talking language:)
  4. Building design and construction and the practical logic of buildings. But I watched a documentary about Frank Gehry twice on the plane and realised there is so much I do not know.
  5. Contemporary literature. Have forgotten most of what I knew about early lit (except Shakespeare). See 6.
  6. Contemporary art. Making and enjoying. See 5.
  7. Helping people find their arty parts.
  8. Colour.
  9. Unitarian ways.
  10. Family history.
  11. Ireland.
  12. The Cuban example.
  13. Teaching English as another language.
  14. Efficient cooking.  
  15. Haida Gwaii. (These are not in any particular order of dearness to my heart)
  16. The sacred headwaters and other sacred places and why they must be saved.
  17. Friendship. (Marriage remains a mystery to me. Why and How)
  18. The salmon fishing and canning industry.
  19. Academic action.
  20. The joys of belonging in groups. Dancing, book clubs, round the fire, church, singing, making things together, working together, and I am glad I found the Grind too.

(Ed. note: So are we!)

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