Friday, 20 March 2015

G's Twenty

G. was the member who suggested this prompt from Lois Peterson's book, 101-and more-Writing Exercises to Get You Started & Keep You Going.

Prompt: Write a list of 20 things you know a lot about.

I'm sending the first list I wrote when I pulled this exercise as a free writing prompt.
  1. Teaching
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Travelling by myself
  4. Motherhood
  5. Being an immigrant
  6. Tibetan Buddhism
  7. Hippies
  8. Meditation
  9. Living in conservative communities
  10. Owning a house
  11. Raising Zebra Finches
  12. The Virtues Project
  13. Henry VIII and Hampton Court
  14. The Holocaust
  15. Living in a strata
  16. Dogs and cats
  17. Hitchhiking 
  18. Anxiety
  19. Addiction to alcohol
  20. Films

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